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Affordable Monthly Website Packages

Affordable Monthly Websites
Affordable Monthly Websites

It's no secret that business owners need a lot of different skills to be successful. Let's face it - business owners are basically community superheroes! Not only is it important for you to have a good idea that consumers want to buy and that the idea is well-executed -- there's accounting to manage, customer service to handle, CRM tools to manage, and of course: MARKETING! As your business grows, your time becomes more and more valuable.

Take a moment to consider: How much is your time worth?

Now, how much time are you spending on:

  • Shopping around for the right service and template for your website?

  • Learning about SEO and implementing SEO strategies?

  • Finding just the right images and then realizing they are copyright protected and you need to start all over again? Or creating your own images?

  • Writing content? Editing that content?

  • Finding data storage solutions?

  • Graphic Design and Branding Elements

  • E-commerce and/or Social Media integrations

It can be pretty daunting to look at all of the tasks on your plate that need to be done AND need to be done WELL to get a return on your investment.

Here at CIS Agency, we want you to spend those hours on what you are already skilled in: developing your business. We want to lend our skills and expertise to create a product that will astonish you!

Our monthly website packages start at $99/month and include web pages with royalty-free images, copy that tells YOUR story, organic SEO support, and even storage! We understand your time is extremely valuable, so we offer 24-hour turnaround for website editing and a 72-hour turnaround on graphic design.

We understand there are other companies offering a similar "one-stop shop" solution for websites or you used to have a yellow page listing and now are stuck with a templated website.

So what makes us different?

  1. This is not your big-company cookie cutter type service. We take the time to listen to your story, learn about your brand, and capture that essence in the images and copy we create for you.

  2. We're located in Grand Rapids, MI! Our local writers will capture your story in a way that will captivate the West Michigan audience because we speak their language.

  3. You'll be working with a REAL person through the whole process! We aren't a huge company that will pass you around to multiple people -- we build relationships and we appreciate those relationships.

  4. We're invested! Most of our clients are local. We know the benefits small businesses bring to the community - whether it's our local community or our global community, we are invested in the success your website brings to your business!

At the end of the day, you're the super hero making a difference in the world with the business you run. We want to support you with what we know best: creating a website that tells your story to the people that need to hear it most!

Contact CIS Agency for a quote today or visit for more details!

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