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Effortless Website Management with Wix CMS

Formerly known as Content Manager, Wix’s CMS (short for content management system) is a way to store and manage all the content for your website, separate from the Wix Editor.  CMS allows you to add and organize your content in collections; from there, you can change and update the content on your site without changing the design. 


Manage How Content is Displayed

Within CMS, you can use datasets to link content in your collections to elements on your website, such as text, images, and galleries. Then, you can easily feature new content on your site by adding it to a collection, and you won’t need to change your site’s design, layout, or page elements.

Add Collaborators

Set permissions to control who can access and edit your content within CMS. You can allow others to collaborate on your content, and even collect content submitted by site visitors without giving them direct access to change your website.

Create Dynamic Websites

Dynamic pages on CMS allow you to design once and display as many pages as you want. Create a dynamic link page to display a collection of items. Each item will link to a unique page with unique content, but each page will have the same design, which you only need to set up once. Simply add a new item to your collection to automatically generate a unique URL and dynamic page.

Working in Office

How to Start Using Wix CMS

Wix CMS is an addition to the regular Wix Editor. To start using it, you’ll first need to add it to your site. Find CMS in the menu on your Wix Editor, then start with a preset or create a collection. If you want help setting up or using CMS, our experienced team is ready to take this task off your hands. We are an Official Wix Agency with 500+ clients and 3000+ completed Wix projects. Whether you need ongoing support or just help setting up your website with CMS, we have affordable options to fit your needs.

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