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Improve Your Online Presence with All Things Wix SEO

All Things Wix can provide SEO support for your Wix website. This makes it easy for people to find your website on Google, leading search engines, and local directories. CIS Agency will set up your Wix website to optimize it for search engines effectively.

Google listing

Get the best SEO with Wix

New to SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it's the set of actions you can take to help your website rank higher in searches on Google and other search engines. These actions include using relevant keywords in your website's text, giving your web pages a title and description, and much more! And why does this matter? Because showing up higher in search engine results means more people will find your website, learn about your business, buy your products, or use your services.


With more than 1 billion websites online today, the competition on Google and other search engines can be challenging. If you want people to find your website, investing in your website's SEO is a must. Contact us today to boost your SEO. 

Wix SEO Services
SEO Agency

 Wix SEO Wiz

When you choose CIS Agency to create your stunning website, you're in luck when it comes to giving your site amazing SEO. Wix has a vast array of SEO tools that make it easy to determine your keywords, add page titles and descriptions, write alt text for images, and so much more. You'll find all those tools in the new Wix SEO Wiz App, which gives you an easy, step-by-step method to give your site great SEO—from how to optimize your site in the Wix Editor and Wix ADI to pro tips and tools. 


Wix SEO Wiz also lets you track your progress as you complete the actions that will optimize your website, so it's easy to stay organized.

Wix SEO Tools icon

Wix SEO Tools

We can personalize your SEO for your website to get optimal results.

Google Webmaster Tools icon

Google Search Console

Thanks to Wix & Google’s partnership, we can submit an index request to Google Search Console and get your site indexed within 60 seconds. 

Google Analytics icon

Google Analytics

We help you set up Google Analytics. This helps you track how visitors arrive and behave once on your site.

Wix Blog Support icon

Wix Blog

The new Wix Blog gives you great tools to boost your SEO.

Wix SEO Includes

  • Page Titles

  • Page Descriptions

  • Research Keywords

  • Content Layout

  • Image Alt Text

  • Business Local Information

  • Social Media Plugins

  • Connect Google Analytics

  • Claim Google My Business

  • Crawl & Index Google Webmaster

  • Crawl & Index Bing Webmaster

  • Create Original Content (2-page max.)

  • Use of Marketing Keywords

  • Google Associations (Analytics+webmaster+business)

  • Blog Optimization

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