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Wix makes your SEO simple and easy to set up!

If you've ever taken a class, watched a webinar, or read a blog about effective marketing then you have definitely heard of #SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If not, picture this: you need to learn something, so you open a search engine (like Google) and type in some keywords. There are some sponsored results followed by some websites. Wouldn't you love to have your website pop up there? Would you love to be first in line without having to pay for it? SEO is the magic that makes that happen.

While SEO can get complicated, Wix has taken steps to ensure that people who use Wix for hosting their website have a leg up on their competition, called the Wix SEO Wiz.

Here's how:

Know what search terms people would use to find you. Think about words that define your company, what you offer, AND think about the problems you solve.

Examples: As a marketing firm, we would list phrases like "marketing", "how to get noticed", "selling more", "finding more customers", etc.

Do you already have a Wix site? If yes - skip to Step 3. If not, this is your time to create it! You can do it on your own or work with CIS Agency, a Wix partner, to have it created while you tackle other projects.

Got the site? Block off about an hour. You'll need this much time to go through the Wix SEO Wiz process with your Wix site. You'll answer questions about your brand, your offerings, and create connections to improve your SEO rating. Remember - a better rating means you show up sooner in the search engine results!

As you move through the process, you'll focus on five key areas:

  • Your URL.  Also known as your domain -  it's the part that comes after the "www." and  should include your business name (and in some cases, the industry you are in)

  • The titles & descriptions for each page on your website  The title shows up in the tab while the description is usually invisible to consumers - but the description is BRIGHT and SHINY and IMPORTANT to a search engine!

  • Anchor text  This is the clickable text that visitors can click and be transported somewhere else on your page or somewhere else on the net.

  • Alt text for your images   It's important to include alt text for any images that show what you do or products you sell.  Alt-text is also crucial to making your website accessible to all! So important!

  • The *right* headers  Clear navigation is crucial to your SEO success. Headings should relate to the title of your page, subheadings should relate to headings, and supporting text ties to ALL of it.

Sure, there's more to SEO than these steps, but you may be surprised by the incredible effects of just one hour spent on optimization! Remember, if you don't have the time - we are here for you! Connect with CIS Agency today to create a Wix website, update an existing site, or transfer a site over to Wix. You won't be disappointed!

Need assistance? Get in touch with our business development team @ 313.737.2899

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